Internationally renowned frame drummer and Kanjira Virtuoso Ganesh Kumar offers private and group classes on South Indian percussion instruments. He teaches Kanjira (Frame Drum), Ghatam (Clay Pot), Mridangam (Barrel Shaped Drum) and  Konnakol (Vocal Percussion). Ganesh is best known for teaching Indian rhythms on the Kanjira hand drum. The Kanjira is a frame drum from South India, popularly used for South Indian classical music concerts made with wooden rim and a lizard skin.

Ganesh has played throughout the world and has developed an understanding and communication of Indian rhythms that is beneficial for those already playing a drum and for those just wanting to start.

Ganesh Kumar Master Class covers topics:-

  • Split Finger techniques & methods
  • Development of Grooce
  • Vocal Percussion  Syllables & Compositions
  • Accompaniment skills
  • Playing odd time Signatures as  5 1/4,  7 3/4 etc.,
  • Solo playing and improvisation
  • Practice Exercises

The workshop is full of class participation and can be attended by anyone with the drum of their choice. Ganesh will lead the class through various Indian patterns used in Indian classical music and show many of the techniques that allow one to display the unique specialty that Indian Hand drumming displays.

You will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of Indian rhythms and with practical exercises to practice to improve your enjoyment of drumming. Ganesh is uniquely qualified to teach this workshop having played with many of western great artists such as Bela Fleck, Max Roach, Victor Wooten, the Violent Femmes, Jeff Coffin, Glen Velez and others. He has trained extensively from the great South Indian master drummer T H Subash Chandran.

For more information on Workshops and Master Classes contact Ganesh Kumar

email:  ganesh@ganeshkanjira.com

” What an amazing class! It was fun and so challenging. Ganesh is not only an amazing musician, but he is also a fabulous teacher. He made things easy to understand that I had once felt were too complicated. No matter what instrument you play, this class will improve your ability and broaden your perspectives of rhythm and timing. “– Jonathan Murray